I Am A Women. Hear My Voice. This Is Where It Begins.

Dear Women

Today we stand together.

Today is our day.                    Today we celebrate us.

To be a woman, is tough. It’s a struggle we face within a male dominated world.

But today is our day; Because time is up. 

I am a women.                    I have a voice.

I am here to spread my story so other women feel as though they can too.

This is my story.
Consent was never granted.
But that does not mean I am a ‘slut’. That does not mean ‘I was asking for it.’
That does not mean ‘I was leading him on’.
It means I was not given the privilege of a simple word. Yes.
So this is.
My Voice. My Life. My Decisions. My story.
Here it Begins.
I am not asking for sympathy.
I am not asking for support.
I am not asking to be treated differently.
I am just asking for you to listen to my story.

Women get taught ways to ‘Not get raped.’ Women get told to beware of men.
Woman get accused of ‘leading them on.’
Women have to watch what they are wearing.
Because #timesup
We women stand together.
We will not back down.
We shall not live in fear.

I am a victim.
I was raped.
But I am surviving.
I am okay. I promise.
But Today. 2018.
I am finally finding myself again.
It has been a long journey for me.
The struggle has been massive.
I hit rock bottom; but I survived
But I can admit I am actually fine.
I have overcome so much in the last 7 months.
I am finally coming to terms with what happened.
I wont be afraid.
I will be myself. That annoying crazy person that I am.
I am ready for 2018 to be my year.
I will not backdown.
I am a strong women.
This is the end.
Listen carefully.
It is 2018.. The year my life will make a different.
I will stop being afraid.


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